Dear bonsai friends,

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 epidemic, the board of Bonsai Association Belgium has decided to replace the real physical Trophy 2021 by an exclusive online event.

We are concerned about the health of all our participants, and legally it is in Belgium not allowed to organise any event with more than 200 participants. There is no clear outlook how the regulations in Europe will evolve towards 2021.  It seemed unwise to us to ask commitments of traders, participants or organizers for 6 months in advance. This was a difficult decision, but it is necessary, and we want to turn it into new opportunities for the whole bonsai community.

So we are proud to present you: ‘The Trophy 2021 – the online edition’at the original date : 20 and 21 February 2021




Online demonstrations by


Koji Hiramatsu (JP)

Bjorn Bjorholm (USA)

Pjotr Czerniachowski (PL)

Andres Alvarez Iglesias (ES)

Online discussions by Danny Use on trees which were exhibited in the past years

The art and craft of bonsai

Do you want to present a special topic that has something to do with bonsai, but doesn’t get enough attention in a large real life event, please present it to us and we can reserve time for it. You can bring under the attention topics as : making of pots, making of tables, creation of accents, cleaning of suiseki, making a dai, composing a tokonoma, painting or creating a scroll, selection of a scroll in a tokonoma, first repotting of a yamadori, etc. The list can be very long.

The history of exhibited trees in the past

If you had a tree exhibited in the past, and if you have several picture of that tree during its development over the years, please share them with us, and we can make a nice overview of it. If you can make a small film (max 1 minute) about it, that would be great also. Let’s share the art and knowledge you have put in your tree before it was exhibited to the public!

All topics and questions can be mailed to

The board keeps the right to decide if the video fits well in the total program.

You can enjoy this event FOR FREE !

A more detailed schedule will be presented in the coming months.

There will be no ‘contest’ of any type during the online edition in 2021.