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Covid 19

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Participation is free of charge and open to everyone.


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Program overview

19 February

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20 February

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Last update : 23 Oktober 2021
Please check this page regularly for updates! 

As organizer of this event we have to comply with the governmental rules for Covid19 in Belgium. The safety of everybody is primordial. These regulations can change over time. Please check this website regularly to see the most recent rules.

Bonsai Association Belgium can in no way be held responsible for any form of cost made by visitors or participants, when the entrance to the event is not allowed based on a non-negative CovidScan result.

Every person (staff, exhibitor, trader, participant, visitor …) above the age of 12 needs to provide a Covid Safe Ticket (European Corona Passport, EU digital COVID certificate) every time he or she enters the event.

Bonsai Association Belgium will NOT provide fast testing. Persons who are not allowed to enter, based on the Covid Scan App used by the staff, need to have a Covid test performed, and confirmed negative, before he or she returns to the event. We can provide some addresses for the test during the weekend.

You can check in advance by yourself if you will be allowed or not, by installing the official Belgian ‘CovidScanBE‘ -app and checking your own European Corona Passport QR code. Please do so if you want to be sure to get access to the location of The Trophy.

Persons between 12 and 18 years, need to be vaccinated or need to have a negative Covid test.

Only 3000 people are allowed inside the building.


Register your trees

Participation is free of charge and open to everybody. 
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All practical information

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Practical Info



The Trophy 2022 will be held in the Limburghal in Genk where we have the disposal of the complete venue floor. This will cover a 4000M² competition floor and a 4000M² traders and professionals area. Demo’s will be held in the Auditorium and can seat up to 650 guests


The Limburghal has a free large parking space for about 600 cars.

Be aware: Don’t forget to place your European parkingcard behind your front windscreen if you park in the streets nearby the Limburghal

Contact Info:


Questions regarding the Trophy?


Something unclear about your tree registration?


Any technical issues?

Practical information 'The Trophy 2022'

To exhibit your bonsai

Participation is free of charge and open to everybody.

Accepted exhibitors receive a free full weekend ticket.

Bonsai can be registered in 3 categories : bonsai, kifu (21-35cm) and shohin (<21cm). One trophy for every category

In 2022 we have special attention for the Fukinagashi style (windswept). There is a special award for an exceptional fukinagashi styled tree.

Maximum 3 compositions are allowed in each category per participant.

Registration is open from November 1, 2021 till December 31, 2021.

Please register your bonsai as soon as possible !

Registration of bonsai only online :

Please provide good quality pictures with an even background.

Selection is done by Danny Use and the committee based on your picture. For deciduous trees, we ask a picture without leaves on the tree. Please provide good quality pictures.

Confirmation if your bonsai is selected (or not selected) : by email at latest 16 January 2022

All selected and exhibited bonsai will be photographed professionally and published in the yearbook of ‘The Trophy 2022’.


To exhibit a special pot

Contact Alex Rudd from the EBPC :


To exhibit a suiseki

Contact Holger Göbel :


To visit ‘The Trophy 2022’

Preferably, buy your tickets online Save time and money. The Covid Pass check at the entrance will take extra time.

Visit one day (no demo) : 20 € online, 25 € at the entrance

Visit one day with all demo’s : 30 € online, 35 € at the entrance

Weekend all-in : 45 € online, 50 € at the entrance

Grouptickets (10 or more people), only after reservation at


To join the gala dinner with prize giving ceremony on Saturday evening

Buy your tickets online . Price : 70 €


Selection of the trees

Danny Use supports ‘The Trophy 2022’ as artistic advisor. As a professional he will do the final selection of the trees. And very important, he is in charge of the setup of the exhibition. All practical work stays with the members of Bonsai Association Belgium.

Maarten Van der Hoeven is in charge of the selection of the shohin, and the setup of the shohin exhibition.


Judging, points and prizes

In every contest (not only bonsai) there are from time to time questions about the prizes.  Bonsai Association Belgium has always asked the present demonstrators to do the judging.  They get one hour to find a consensus for the nominated and winning trees in every category.  Sometimes this is very clear, sometimes this takes some discussion. During that process it is evident that the wisdom of an older bonsai master is of more importance than the view of a younger demonstrator.
At the moment of judging, the bonsai are tagged with the name of the owner, and the country of origin, but we are convinced that all judging demonstrators have enough professionalism to look over this.
Bonsai Association Belgium has no influence in this judging process, and receives the final places from the jury.


A warm welcome to everyone !