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Program overview

Saturday – 25 Feb

09.00 Entrance open to the international commercial space

09.30 Official opening of the exhibition area (bonsai, suiseki, bonsai pots by EBPC)

Special line up bonsai by Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe

including private trees of Danny Use

13.00-17.00 DEMO

  • Enrico SAVINI (IT)
  • Pietro SAMPIRISI (IT)

Translator :

Moderator : Marc De Beule (BE)

18.00 Closing doors

19.30 Dinner with prize giving ceremony (online reservation needed)

Sunday – 26 Feb

09.00 Entrance open to the international commercial space

09.30 Opening of the exhibition area (bonsai, suiseki, bonsai pots by EBPC)

Special line up bonsai by Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe

including private trees of Danny Use

09.30-12.30 Belgian selection for the EBA New Talent Contest (in the demo hall)

13.00-17.00 DEMO

  • Enrico SAVINI (IT)
  • Pietro SAMPIRISI (IT)

Translator :                        

Moderator : Marc De Beule (BE)

18.00 End of the Trophy 2023


Last update : 01 September 2022
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Register your trees

Participation is free of charge and open to everybody. 
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Buy your tickets online and save up to 20% on the entrance price.
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All practical information

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Practical Info


Piotr Czerniachowski

Piotr Czerniachowski

Piotr Czerniachowski was born in 1972 in Walbrzych, Poland. He was one of the first bonsai creators in Poland.

Piotr is the owner of Akina Bonsai Centrum, the founder of Bonsai Polska Club and leader of Sudeten Bonsai Group.

He has won many prestigious awards in Poland and abroad. He was a demonstrator on many foreign exhibitions and author of films and articles. He participated in different television programs.

In addition, Piotr is a specialist in the design of oriental gardens. He was the first Polish bonsai artist who was invited by bonsai master Salvatore Liporace to his school at Studio Botanico in Milan in 2001.

Pietro Sampirisi

Pietro Sampirisi

Pietro Sampirisi lives in Avola, a place deep in the south of Italy. He started working on bonsai on his own in 1993.  Shortly afterwards he followed courses with Salvatore Liporace, with whom he is still doing workshops regularly.

He was the assistant of Salvatore Liporace on several demonstrations in Italy. He has given several demonstrations himself e.g. in Malta, in Lithuania and of course in Italy.

His bonsai collection was completely built by Pietro personally.  Multiple trees have participated in national and international exhibitions.

Pietro Sampirisi is specialized in Mediterranean species, as there are olive trees, Bougainvillea, Myrtus communis, cypress and pomegranate etc… Of course he works also regularly on junipers etc…

Andres Alvarez Iglesias

Andres Alvarez Iglesias

Andres was born in Asturias in the north of Spain. He discovered bonsai very early at the age of 10.  Over 30 years he followed training with national and international masters.

He is a member of UBE (Union del Bonsai Español) and General Commissioner of the annual exhibition of this association. In 2022 he has inaugurated his bonsai garden called “Ichii-en” (the yew´s garden) in Asturias., where he works and enjoys  the trees of his collection and the bonsais of fans or collectors.

He has exhibited several of his trees in numerous international competitions during the last 20 years. Andres is a frequent lecturer and author of publications in specialized magazines.

He currently participates in exhibitions as a demonstrator, jury or member of the committee.

When the look of the observer penetrates into the bonsai and both, person and work, interact in silence, the feeling wanted by the author flows. For me this is the greatest moment of pleasure

Enrico Savini

Enrico Savini

Enrico Savini is a well-known bonsai artist and teacher from Monteveglio, Italy.

He had his first encounter with bonsai at the age of 9, when his grandparents gifted him a little bonsai that marked his life, leading him to choose the path of bonsai art over his advanced Law studies.

In 1997, he won the Regional Talent Competition in Italy, and immediately after, he decided to improve his techniques under the guidance of Salvatore Liporace.

He conducted many bonsai workshops with the most important European Artists of Bonsai, and became the youngest national instructor recognized by IBS (Istruttori Bonsai e Suiseki).

In 2002, his school “Progetto Futuro European Bonsai School” was born. Within short time, the school received the recognition of UBI and in 2006 conquered the title of “School of the Year” for the quality of teaching, bringing to a very high level many, famous today, students of his.



The Trophy 2023 will be held in the Limburghal in Genk where we have the disposal of the complete venue floor. This will cover a 4000M² competition floor and a 4000M² traders and professionals area. Demo’s will be held in the Auditorium and can seat up to 650 guests


The Limburghal has a free large parking space for about 600 cars.

Be aware: Don’t forget to place your European parkingcard behind your front windscreen if you park in the streets nearby the Limburghal

Contact Info:


Questions regarding the Trophy?


Something unclear about your tree registration?


Any technical issues?

Practical information ‘The Trophy 2023’

You want to exhibit your bonsai ?

Participation is free of charge and open to everybody.

Accepted exhibitors receive a free ticket ‘full weekend, including demo’s’.

Bonsai can be registered in 3 categories : bonsai, kifu (21-35cm) and shohin (<21cm).  Maximum 3 compositions are allowed in each category per participant.

In 2023 we have special attention for the Fukinagashi style. We reserve an award for an exceptional tree in the windswept style.

In memory of potter René Lecocq, there will be a special award for the composition that presents a pot of René Lecocq in its most unique or beautiful way. The pot can be used for the primary tree, or for an accent plant.

Registration of bonsai is only online :

Registration is open from September 1, 2022 till December 31, 2022.

Selection for participation in the categories bonsai and kifu is done by Danny Use and the committee based on your picture. For deciduous trees, we ask a picture without leaves on the tree.

Selection of participating Shohin is done by Maarten Van der Hoeven. He will also do the positioning of the different Shohin compositions at the exhibition.

Confirmation of the first selection : email by the end of November 2022

Confirmation of the second selection : email by half January 2023

You want to exhibit a special pot ?

Contact Alex Rudd from the EBPC :

You want to exhibit a suiseki ?

Contact Holger Göbel :

You want to visit the exhibition and the commercial area, and follow the demonstrations ?

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Visit one day (no demo) : 20 € online, 25 € at the entrance

Visit one day with demo : 30 € online, 35 € at the entrance

Weekend all-in : 45 € online, 50 € at the entrance

Grouptickets (10 or more people), only after reservation at

You want to join the gala dinner with prize giving ceremony on Saturday evening ?

Buy your tickets online . Price : 65 €

Support of Danny Use.

Danny supports The Trophy 2023 as artistic advisor. We are very grateful for his professional help. He will do the final selection of the trees, together with some members of the committee. And very important, he will do the positioning of the trees at the exhibition. All practical work stays with the members of Bonsai Association Belgium.

Judging, points and prizes.

In every contest (not only bonsai) there are from time to time questions about the prizes.  Bonsai Association Belgium has always asked the present demonstrators to do the judging.  They receive a paper with the different categories and get one hour to find a consensus for the nominated and winning trees.  Sometimes this is very clear, sometimes this takes some discussion. During that process it is evident that the wisdom of an older bonsai master is of more importance than the view of a younger demonstrator.
At the moment of judging, the bonsai are labelled with the name of the owner, and the country of origin, but we are convinced that all judging demonstrators have enough professionalism to look over this.
Bonsai Association Belgium has no influence in this judging process, and receives the final places from the jury.